How-To Get Jenkins Server on Azure in a Few Minutes

Here is the easiest way I found to get Jenkins server up and running on your Microsoft Azure account in just a few minutes.

1. Visit this page and click Create Virtual Machine button. Once you log in to Azure click Create.

2. Input your VM name, username, resource group name.

3. Use PuTTYgen to generate a public/private key pair (Download PuTTY from this page.You may choose to download Windows MSI installer package)

4. Click Generate

5. Keep moving your mouse until the green bar is filled. DO NOT forget to save your public and private key!

6. Copy your public key and paste into SSH public key field. Select your server location and Click OK

7. Select your server size with the monthly price that you can afford.

8. Leave the default Settings and click OK.

9. Review your VM information and OK to start deploying your server

10. Wait until the server deployment is finished.

11. Click at your virtual machine

12. Click at your VM’s Public IP Address

13. You can adiitionally assign DNS name by putting in DNS name label and press Tab to verify. Once you see the green checkmark then you can save your change.

14. Now you can access your Jenkins via the IP address or DNS name from your web browser. 15. On the first page, click at the bottom-right corner

16. You will see the user name

17. Go back to your VM and goto menu Boot diagnostics. Go down through the log until you find the password.

18. Now you can log in and start playing around Jenkins. (Do not forget to change your Jenkins password!)

Originally published at on January 4, 2017.