How to Create Markdown-based Website with Jekyll

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Want to host a static website but don’t want to feel complicated with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? If you want to build a website base on text files, here is what you may love.

Jekyll is a tool which help you generated a static website base on the markdown files which is a simple test file with basic formatting.

Follow these steps to build a new web site with Jekyll and host it on GitHub Pages for free!

Create a New Website with Jekyll

  1. Install Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10. Follow these instructions.
  2. Run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows
  3. Install Jekyll using command apt install jekyll. Wait until the installation is completed.
  4. You may check if Jekyll is intalled properly by checking its versions jekyll --version
  5. Start building a new website from a template by using command jekyll new . ;where . can be substituted with the directory you want to put your website files into.
  6. Use command jekyll serve to start local web server and go to http://localhost:4000 to see your site.

Host your New Website on GitHub Pages

  1. Create a new repository on GitHub with exact name: ;substitute username with your GitHub username.
  2. Commit and push to your GitHub repository
  3. You can see your website at

*See more detailed instructions at

Customizing Your Website

You can edit file index.html to suit you need.

You can add more pages by looking as an example.

You can remove files in _posts folder if you don’t want host any blog post here.

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