UX Extension: Part 3-Create Fiori Launchpad

In This Part

In this part, we are going to create Fiori Launchpad for our UI5 Fiori Application

Enable Portal Service

On SCP Cockpit, go to Services and make sure the portal service is enabled.

Setup a new Launchpad

Create Procurement Launchpad

  1. Click Create New Site
  2. Name your site Procurement Launchpad and select template SAP Fiori Launchpad
  3. Click Create and you will be in Fiori Configuration Cockpit
  4. On the left menu, go to Content Management → Catalogs
  5. Select Sample Catalog and Edit button at the bottom right of the screen
  6. Change the Name and Description to Procurement Applications
  7. Go to tab Roles and assign role Everyone
  8. On the left menu, go to Content Management → Groups
  9. Edit Sample Group and change its name to Product Management
  10. Create a new group named Equipment Tracking

Add a Dummy Application

  1. On the left menu, go to Content Management → Apps
  2. Click + at the bottom
  3. Input App Title Demo Application, App Type URL
  4. Input Web IDE URL or any URL into the URL field
  5. Assign Catalogs to Procurement Applications
  6. Assign Groups to Product Management
  7. Click Site preview icon at the top toolbar and click the Demo Application to check if it brings you to Web IDE or the URL you set

Publish the Launchpad

  1. Go back to Fiori Configuration Cockpit
  2. On the left menu, go to Content Management → Settings
  3. Click the globe icon on the top toolbar and select Publish and Open
  4. You may bookmark the launchpad for later.

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