Collaborative Extension: Part 1-Prepare and Expose Back-end APIs

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The Challenge

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In This Part

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  1. Check SCC by using command sudo service scc_daemon status. If not started, use command sudo service scc_daemon start.
  2. Check the app by going to Procurement Launchpad and test the Manage Products app to make sure it is working fine.

Identify Shop Back-end Service

  1. Open the Launchpad on the Back-end.
  2. Open the Shop app under Employee group.
  3. Enter Developer Mode (F12) and monitor the Network activities. Get the URL of the service. You should see the service name EPM_REF_APPS_SHOP_SRV is used.
  4. Log on your SAP back-end and go to transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE
  5. Search for service name *SHOP* and select the service ZEPM_REF_APPS_SHOP_SRV which has external service name = EPM_REF_APPS_SHOP_SRV
  6. Select it and open SAP Gateway Client
  7. Execute and click Data Explorer to see available entities including Reviews and Products which are our interest.
  8. Click EntitySets, select Reviews, and Execute to see sample data

Exposing Service to SCP

Configure OData Provisioning Service

  1. Log on SCP and go to Services → OData provisioning. Enable it if it is not yet enabled.
  2. Click the service and click Configure Service
  3. Go to Roles and select GW_Admin
  4. Assign your ID e.g. P1942275645 in the Individual Users list
  5. Do the same for GW_User
  6. Go to Destinations and click New Destination
  7. Enter the following information:
    Name: s4h-onpremise-http-iwbep
    Type: HTTP
    Description: S/4HANA IWBEP API
    URL: http://npl:44300/sap/iwbep
    Proxy Type: OnPremise
    Authentication: BasicAuthentication
  8. Input back-end user and password and save.
  9. Click Check Connection to test if it is working.
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Configure SAP Cloud Connector

  1. Log on SCC on your back-end
  2. Go to Cloud To On-Premise
  3. Click the button Check availability of internal host and you should see the Check Result = Reachable
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Configure ICF Node

  1. Log on SAP back-end
  2. Go to transaction SICF and execute
  3. Go to node default_host > sap and activate the code iwbep. Click Yes on the popup.
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Register OData Service

  1. Go back SCP, and open the OData provisioning service
  2. You should now be in OData Provisioning Administration
  3. Press Register button and select Destination s4h-onpremise-http-iwbep
  4. Search for shop, select EPM_REF_APPS_SHOP_SRV and click Register.
  5. Click the link Open Service Document and you should see the response XML of Entities available under this service.
  6. Bookmark this URL.
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